What is Self-hosted WordPress?

Not sure what Self-hosting is? Let us explain in 3 steps

1. WordPress is just a Software

To make things as simple as possible, WordPress is a 100% free blogging platform. I’m not talking about the blog you can create for free on WordPress.com, I mean the actual platform itself.

As you probably already know, in order to publish a post or change a design, all you need to do is click a few buttons. WordPress is the interface you use, to make this happen.

Since the software itself is 100% free – the only thing you need is a webhost to install it. That’s why people call it “Self-hosted WordPress”.

2. What is WordPress.com?

Since WordPress is also a business, they of course need to earn money. Offering the software alone for free, won’t make them any money. The way they do this, is through WordPress.com

Here they have made a convenient and easy way for you to setup a blog for free, on their domain and hosting server. However, in order to make money they have limited most of the functionality in order to force you to upgrade to one of their paid plans.

What you probably didn’t know, is that all those “premium” features they offer in their Business plan ($299 per year!) isn’t actually limited in the software itself. They have just limited it on your blog as a fancy way for them to charge you for something that’s actually free.

Even when you’re using their free plan, they still make money because they put advertisements on your blog posts which you won’t earn any money from. But in all fairness, they supply you with something completely free, so it’s not that bad – you wouldn’t want to work for free either I suppose.

3. What is Self-hosted WordPress?

Self-hosted WordPress simply means, taking the WordPress software and installing it on your own webhost of choice.

When doing so, you no longer have any of the forced limitations you get on WordPress.com. That means you are free to upload any custom designs, any plugins, you can sell products directly on your site and there are no plans you need to worry about. You get all the features from their WordPress.com Business Plan, but only have to pay for webhosting!

The best thing is that going Self-hosted only costs a fraction of what you pay on WordPress.com, in fact going Self-hosted doesn’t cost more than $3-5 per month – that’s even cheaper than their Premium plan.

If you’re currently on WordPress.com but want to become self-hosted, it’s luckily a very simple process!

How to get Self-hosted WordPress?

Interested in getting Self-hosted? We have made a Step-by-step Guide that covers all the steps involved in moving your blog to Self-hosted.