Get Self-Hosted WordPress

More features, less expensive and you can transform your site into something unique!

Top Bloggers use Self-hosted WordPress

WordPress is the number 1 choice for bloggers. Whether they start on other platforms, or free wordpress, getting self-hosted is a step every successful blogger takes.

Why You should too!

Being Self-hosted provides a greater amount of flexibility so you can customize your site exactly how you want, and will be less expensive than any of the premium plans on

Cheaper than Premium

If you're already using, then going self-hosted will even save you money, as well as give you more features for your site.

Install custom plugins

Download and install any plugins you'd like such as Google Analytics, Opt-in forms, Newsletter pop-ups, Affiliate integrations or anything else.

Monetize your blog

When you're self-hosted you have no limitations when it comes to monetize your blog. Use affiliate codes, adsense or other method you'd like!

Unlimited Storage

Depending on the host of your choice, you can have unlimited disk-space. Never worry about running out of space if you use many photos.

Use ANY design

You have access to all the themes in the world when you're self-hosted! You can upload and install any design you find online!

Full Control & Ownership

When you're self-hosted YOU own your blog, not your host (Like or Blogger). Nobody can delete your content.

Not sure what Self-Hosted WordPress is?

Learn the differences between using WordPress and being self-hosted